Road of Life


One day while having my quiet time with the Lord, singing a popular worship song, I flowed into a chord progression and lyrics which made up the pre chorus and chorus of the song

Hunger and Thirst


This came as a spontaneous prophetic song, in the midst of worship, during our church Friday night prayer. The chorus is one of the beatitudes (Matt 5:6) and the verse is taken from Isaiah 55:1-2

Wild Abandon


'Who cares when the sun sets you free, who cares I'm free indeed’. offended? Nah! it simply means, when Jesus has set us free why should we care or worry about the circumstances around us.

You are Enthroned


Song with a jewish feel, Psalm 22:3 popped in and a song was birthed, verses followed, the song circled around churches in the city and there came a translation in hindi.



Where can we go you have the words of eternal life’ was the thought behind this song, ‘I need you, I want you, I belong to you, I can’t do anything without you, you are my everything Lord Jesus

More of You


The chorus was a spontaneous song, during a fasting and prayer time. high praise, everyone wanting more of Jesus, whispers and shouts ‘more of you’ filled the house. chords were put in place.



Blessed after reading about Moses, ‘if your presence doesn’t go with us, we are not going anywhere'(Exodus 33:15). a week later, a song was written. PTL


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